Sometimes minor health complaints like low energy, headaches, environmental allergies, skin break-outs, and unexplained weight gain can result from a toxic body. The effects of stress, alcohol, toxins, and a poor diet can slow down the body’s ability to clean itself, leaving people feeling sluggish and lifeless – creating a great need to detox. Before going to the doctor for pharmaceutical help, try giving your body a break.

A little self-care can support the body to heal itself.

So what are the signs that you need to detox?

There are many, but let’s break it down the 8 most common ones.

Depression - Signs You Need to Detox - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

1. Depression

Doctors prescribe medication for depression, but if the problem is toxicity, it can make it worse. For light depression try a detox first. Taking a break from your to-do list, feeding your body and brain nutrient-dense foods and spending time in nature can do wonders. Depression can be caused by a build-up of toxins in the liver, bowels, and brain so eating good quality fats, supporting the liver with lemon water, leafy greens, herbs and rest and cleaning the bowels with an enema can help lift the dark clouds without medication.


Weight Gain - Signs You Need to Detox - Keto Cleanse - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse

2. Weight gain

If you can’t lose weight with diet and exercise you could be a great candidate for a cleanse. The liver rules metabolism and when it’s clogged and sluggish, weight gain can result. Supporting the liver with green veggies, fruit and herbs can help release toxins from the liver. The adrenals can also be involved in unexplained weight gain, especially around the middle. Like the liver, the adrenals are strengthened by a diet low in sugar and high in antioxidants and good quality proteins. Dropping toxicity will help the body let go of stubborn weight.


Brain Fog - Mental Fog - Signs That You Need to Detox - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

3.Mental fog/brain fog

Brain fog is a sign that the body is struggling. The mind and the gut are closely connected and cleaning out the bowels can have a huge effect on the head. Start flushing the bowels by drinking more water and green juice, taking probiotics, eating more fiber and cutting down on sugar and heavy carbs. Once you feel bright and clear again test what kinds of foods make you think clearly and which send you into a fog.



Body Odor - Signs That You Need to Detox - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

4. Body odor

The skin is the body’s largest detox organ. Unpleasant odor is your body’s way of discharging an overload of toxins. This is often a tell-tale sign that the body could use help diminishing its toxic load. One of the best ways to support the detox ability of the skin and lymphatic system is to use a dry skin brush on a daily basis to move toxins out of the body faster.



Stress - Signs That You Need to Detox - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

5. Stress

Feeling constantly stressed may be a sign that your body is overwhelmed with toxicity. When your body is overwhelmed, your mind is sure to follow. When the body is struggling, everything just seems harder and you get knocked off balance much faster. Lightening the body’s load can bring relief to the spirit also. Along with a detox program of fresh, unprocessed foods and clean water, counteract the effects of stress by doing something you enjoy. Move your body. Spend time with a friend. Watch a funny movie. Take a yoga class. And give your body the rest it needs to rebuild and rebalance. Pleasure, beauty and gentle movement are great detox tools.


Indigestion - Signs You Need a Detox - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

6. Indigestion

Indigestion is a sign that the digestive system needs care and repair. Cleansing the digestive system not only clears up bloating and indigestion after eating. It can also have a healing effect on allergies, energy, skin, and weight. A detox for the digestive system should last several weeks and focus on eating less food, more fiber and nutrients, drinking more water and taking enzymes and probiotics.



Lethargy - Signs You Need a Detox - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

7. Lethargy

Insomnia and lethargy can go hand in hand. When you are not getting enough sleep it’s natural to feel tired. Most people in this situation use caffeine to hide their fatigue. This is like robbing the energy bank of the adrenals. A better option is to start with a detox, which will flush toxins from the body and encourage restful sleep. A detox that includes eating less and avoiding sugar at night can be beneficial.



Insomnia - Signs You Need a Detox - 21 Day Full Body Cleanse - Keto Cleanse

8. Insomnia

Insomnia is a sign that your body’s hormones are out of whack. And lack of sleep in itself can cause a host of other health problems. The body primarily detoxes when we are sleeping, so lack of sleep can worsen the body’s toxin build up. Stop this chicken and egg scenario with a detox. Melt the sleep-robbing effects of stress with a nightly magnesium supplement or Epsom salt bath. And make sure you don’t eat for several hours before bed so the body can focus on detoxing instead of digesting during sleep. Avoiding the melatonin-disrupting blue light of electronics and television before bed also encourages deeper, more restorative sleep.

A detox is a great first step to resolving minor health complaints and our Total Body Makeover is the place to start. Releasing some of the body’s toxic load will create more space and energy for healing. These days everyone could use a detox, so don’t be surprised if your mood and energy improve greatly after only 10 days of cleansing.