Celebrities trust the Full Body Makeover Program

 Full Body Cleanse Program is a wonderful initiative from 21 Day Body Makeover, which has impressed renowned celebrities, including star athletes & doctors.

Darryl Sydor

Darryl Sydor

Jamie Benn

Jamie Benn

Matt Niskanen

Matt Niskanen

Trevor Daley

Trevor Daley

Dr. Alan Xanakis MD

Dr. Alan Xanakis MD

Dr. Michael Maris MD

Dr. Michael Maris MD

Dr. Webster

Dr. Michael Maris MD

Dr. Charles Theivagt MD

Dr. Charles Theivagt MD

 Listen to these star athletes & doctors promote the Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse.


Darryl Sydor
Darryl Sydor

This is Darryl Sydor from Dallas Stars. Being on the road can be tough and takes a toll on your body. Since using the 21 day body makeover I have of energy all day, I sleep all night and recovered fast from surgery and I lost 4 pounds I feel great. If you are tired of feeling tired or need to shed pounds, order the 21 day body makeover today.

Trevor Daley
Darryl Sydor

This is Trevor Daley from the Dallas stars. I use to have trouble sleeping. I had low energy and took naps during the day and even though we use lots of energy playing hockey, I couldn’t lose pounds that I wanted to so I could be quicker on ice. After using of 21 day body makeover, I am sleeping all night. I have great energy all day. No more naps and I have lost 12 pounds. I feel great! Order the 21 day body makeover today.


Hi this is Todd. I am 48 and after my recent physical, my doctor was not happy with my blood pressure and he wanted to put me on medication.I pleaded with him to give me one month to change. That’s when I decided to use the 21 day full body cleanse programs. My results were astonishing and my doctor is so happy with me that I felt I had to share it with you. My weight went from 145 to 125. My blood pressure sunk from 160/90 down to 115/60. I stopped snoring and my wife can’t believe that. I haven’t needed my allergy medicine that I used to have in past and have stopped popping pain pills for my aching knees and shoulders. I needed this wake up call to get motivated. Thanks George.

Bob Sturm

Bob Sturm here for 21 day full body cleanse. Since 2006 I have been following this program, let’s talk about the details. I lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks and I wasn’t starving and you won’t be either. Your eating as much of the approved foods as you can possible want, your working out. He gives you a full exercise protocol. The affects are weight loss, let’s keep that in mind. Also, for me, its sleep. Now I wake up sometimes middle of the night its 3 am, I can’t get back to sleep. Before long I start my day that way and that is no way to start your day. So, you sleep better, you sleep like a rock. The allergies are nowhere near what they were before the program, cravings are down and of course for me, weight loss was a big thing and yeah losing fat.


I just finished 21 day body makeover program. I feel amazing and I can’t believe how easy it was. They offer so may helpful hints and different options for food that anyone can do it. I honestly haven’t slept this well in years and no longer need a sleep aid at night. The morning shake is delicious, added lots of berries and ice, which made a great smoothie. My result in 21 day was so drastic and I did it without those other program that offer for short-cuts that are short-lived.

Chris Feola

Hey! This is Chris Feola. I lost 75 pounds in 9 months using the 21 day full body cleanse just 3 times. My blood pressure, down by half. I can now do as many push-ups at age 54 as I did as a 27 years old army sergeant. I struggled with excessive fat most of my life. I weighed 330 pounds and believed I had starved myself, exercised for hours, Following their new, easy, well laid meal plans and exercise videos, has proven I don’t need to be an athlete, I don’t need to starve myself to lose fat. Watch me exercising with George’s famous Burst Training routine. I’m losing another 25 pounds and I’m eating four times per day and exercising 30 minutes 4 times per week. If you’re like me, if you struggled with your weight for years, if you’re tired of yoyo diets, use their new…improved easy and more powerful cleanse. They’ve changed my life and I’ll be following them for years to come.


I used 21 day full body cleanse more than once. The first time, I lost 18 pounds and I also completely broke my addiction to diet sodas. My skin cleared up and I slept great and I was well-rested every morning and I had no cravings for sugar at all. The program was so easy to follow and I never felt hungry. I can even dine in restaurants whenever I want it and the best news of all is that I have kept all the weight off.


Hi! My name is Dena and I want to tell you about my experience with most popular cleanse in America, the 21 day body makeover. By day four I was sleeping soundly all night. I’ve not slept this well since elementary school. I lost 11 pounds and boosted my metabolism. I was taking an anti-inflammatory weekly for my sciatic issues, now I no longer need to. I don’t have cravings for comfort food like Pizza and most importantly I improved my good eating habits.

Doug Robinson

My name is Doug Robinson. I am a track and cross country coach. I used 21 day body cleanse to improve my health for term life insurance. My blood tests, they came back so good after the cleanse that I received THE best rates offered by my insurance company. It’s important to me to be a good example of health for my family and my athletes. Why not be a good example to your family and teach them importance of being healthy like I did?

Satisfied Customer

Not a paid advertisement, I am a real guy with a real story. After George’s 21 day program, I lost 19 pounds. My overall cholesterol went from 200 to 132. My digestive issues improved and I feel the best I have in 10 years. Trust me! George’s 21 day program worked for me, it can work for you. Give it a try, you will not regret it.

November, 2018

I wanted to take a moment share with you the results I have had in just a couple of weeks of using the Keto Cleanse program you designed.

To begin with things are going great! Initially, as you said in the instructions, I experienced a slight headache. That quickly subsided after about 2 days. The electrolyte formula you recommended really made the difference. I incorporated your suggestion about sweating a little every day and feel it really helps. Using the 70/20/10 approach of fat/protein/carbs makes eating so much easier than some of the higher ratios I’ve read about keto and its benefits. Only a short period of time and I have noticed I am in ketosis all the time. The biggest change I have found is the amount of sustained energy I have throughout the day!

Over the last 10 YEARS I have sought out medical advice for what I thought was a medical problem. Every day I was always tired in the afternoons thinking that something may be wrong with me. So much so that I quite often have had to take naps, and resort to copious amounts of coffee. My doctors even recommended natural and prescription stimulants to stay awake just to get through the day.

Starting about day 4 of the Keto Cleanse program no more naps. In fact, I have a little insomnia in the evenings when going to bed. I notice I’m more alert and am full of energy. I fell calmer and peaceful even when in stressful situations.

Another amazing benefit is that my entire life I have had a sweet tooth for cakes, cookies and ice cream to which I have had no self control. I NEVER could say no. The other night I had a plate of brownies sitting in front of me (dinner at a friends house) and I did not have the slightest desire to eat one. What magic must your program possess to keep me from eating a brownie. Haha.

The program requires a little more effort on the frontend until you reach ketosis, however the rewards as illustrated above are hard to argue with.

Thank you for designing a program that works!

Thank you!

~ Marc S

October, 2018

Hi George!

The cleanse has ended- and I wanted to drop you a quick line and update you on my progress. First, let me say I am amazed by the 21-day body make-over! WOW.

I lost a total of 8 lbs. and 14 inches… turn it up, did you hear that? 14 inches!

In summary, Day 10 was the most difficult for me, I think because I was having “female” cravings 🙂.. It was Day 11 that this was more than just a physical cleanse. It became a spiritual journey as well. I started to feel like I was “in touch ” with my body which lead me to a deeper sense of myself. I prayed about 3 months ago that God would help me on this journey to good health. I asked God to help me with overall good health, energy, and weight loss- and here you appear in my life and the next thing I know I am on a 21-day body make-over! It was Day 11 that I realized you were a Divine connection.

My biological father had a quadruple by-pass at age 52. My mother had hers at 53. My dad died at age 53 and had been on dialysis for 14 years. This is why my preventive health is so important to me.

I believe that perceiving and responding to our spiritual desires is an essential aspect of personal development. Optimum health is one of my deepest desires. I thank YOU! I feel like I am on the road to physical and spiritual balance and clarity. God has blessed me- again! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Thanks again!

~ Dena

July 2018

I’m on day 21 of the makeover and wanted to thank you for a great program. I was a 5-10 cup of coffee a day guy for 20+ years, also 6-9 Advil’s a day………since I started the program, I’ve lost 18 pounds, have not had a sip of caffeine, and have not had a single Advil either!!!

My office is a terrible place to try and eat healthy with donuts or bfast tacos around daily, big lunches delivered to our desks, and snacks constantly around. The program has taught me that I don’t “need” any of those, and if I choose to have a piece of cake or a snack one day, it’s no big deal……….just don’t do it daily. And I don’t need a double Rueben for lunch when a light lunch is all I need to make it through the day.

Keep up the good work!!!!!

~ Mike

September, 2018

I am absolutely thrilled with the results I am achieving with the 21 Day Body Makeover cleanse and burst training. I have tons of energy, and my body is gaining strength and endurance with each day of the program. The cleanse is surprisingly easy to fit into my busy schedule and I have never had a moment of feeling deprived.

I have not had any coffee or wine, with the only withdrawal symptom being a headache for one day. I love it!! I’ll continue to order his protein powder after the
cleanse is over to use in place of breakfast; it is very filling and easy to make.

I’ll be recommending this program to all of my Coaching clients, friends, and family members.

~ Mary Ligon NLP Coach

June, 2018

George, my son, Jason just went through your 21 Day program and came off sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco all at once! with no problem…and he lost 25 pounds in the 21 days! That has inspired me to join your program.

Thank you for putting together a program that works…I look forward to feeling good soon.

Best regards

~ Susan

April, 2018

Hi George– I thought you would find this report interesting. It tracks weight, blood pressure and heart rate taken at the same time every morning. Note I take blood pressure medicine as well as Tricor for triglycerides and Lipitor. My doctor’s method was always to just give a pill. I have an appointment Monday to get bloodwork to set a best case baseline which should show how low I can get everything with this eating program. Note that when I started, even with blood pressure meds, My BP was 140/98 and I know a doctor would have increased dosage.

I have experienced the following benefits:

  1. Dramatically reduced blood pressure;
  2. Great sleep–I used to have to use Xanax or Ambien to sleep. No more!
  3. Complete loss of desire to drink. I can’t remember last night I didn’t have several or more beers just as part of my routine. I have wanted to stop and this made it easy!
  4. No more itchy ears;
  5. Weight loss and waist decrease of 2 belt loops.

In general, I found the program very easy. I was a little light headed first few days like when you have a cold. I discovered a whole new world of tasty vegetables I had previously scorned. I love them now. Whole Foods has great pre-chopped mixes you can stir fry in good oil in a matter of minutes. I’ll keep you posted as I move on now, but I feel confident this has helped me to change my entire lifestyle and has made me much healthier. Thank you!!

~ Steve