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The faster you receive results, the faster you can lose them without the right tools. 

The Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse were created by celebrity fitness and health consultant, George DiGianni, who has helped Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers; Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks; Dennis Rodman, NBA champion; Dick Smother of the Smothers Brothers; and Eli Young, lead singer of the Eli Young Band. 

George has spent the past 31 years perfecting two life-changing, holistic, and organic programs to help give you sustainable results. The supplements in both total body cleanses are whole food based. Which means that your body will recognize them as food and accept them, so they can assist your organs and glands to work at their optimal levels. This, in turn, helps the body eliminate unwanted fat, balance blood sugar, and more!

Hear what best selling author John Assaraf from the documentary “The Secret” has to say about the 21Day Body Makeover.

Choose from holistic organic cleanses. Both the Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse are super easy to follow.

Some benefits you’ll receive are:

Lose weight with our Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse


Curb sugar cravings with our Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse


Sleep better with our Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse


Improve your mental health with our Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse


Balance your hormones with our Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse


Improve overall health with our Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse


What’s Included


Full Body Cleanse

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Keto Cleanse

$650 value for $197 (shipping calculated at checkout)

Medi Clear SGS Cleanse
Powder and Meal
Bio-Gest Supplement
Green Tea Phytosome
Liver Cleanse Supplement
Amazing Video and Written
✔ 24/7 Online Access ✔ 24/7 Online Access
George’s Exercise Videos
Used On Dennis Rodman
and Mark Cuban
✔ 24/7 Online Access ✔ 24/7 Online Access
Preventing Heart Disease
✔ Bonus  
Three Minutes to a Strong
Mind and Fit Body e-book
✔ Bonus  
Keto Grocery List   ✔ Bonus
How-to Guides: prevent
muscle wasting, prevent
cravings, cheat on a keto diet
  ✔ Bonus
Keto Cookbook   ✔ Bonus
Comfort Foods (cheese cake,
brownies, and more)
  ✔ Bonus
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All of our supplements are professional-grade and use the highest quality closest to raw food ingredients. This way, you can detox the right way.

NO dairy

NO gluten

NO peanuts

NO soy protein

We offer world-class service to make sure your cleanse programs are successful

World-Class Service

Receive top-notch customer service from people who want you to succeed.

We are available 7 days a week to offer you support via email

Email Support 7 Days/Week

We are available 7 days a week for support via email.

What Others Are Saying

My secret weapon! Let me begin this review by saying I’m a licensed pharmacist and very selective about the supplements I use… My digestion and absorption of food has been amplified, I’ve lost several pounds, and overall feel lighter and less bloated. It’s difficult to maintain balanced weight and energy as I get older. But with the help of this program, I feel like I’ve been given a secret weapon.

– Licensed Pharmacist

I’ve done the 21 Day Body Makeover Program 3 times over the past few years and loved it every time. The shakes are very tasty and supplements are easy to take. The Program takes an extreme amount of discipline and George and his team are there to help every step of the way. Whether it’s very detailed instruction, outstanding recipes, checklists, grocery lists and most important support from George and his team. Through each Program I’ve emailed questions to George and have always received a reply within a few hours. Best program I’ve ever done.

– Shana Wolfeo

Hands down, this is the best cleanse on the market. The protein powder is actually really tasty and the supplements do not make you sick to your stomach like other products I have tried. His cheat sheets and recipes make it really simple to stick to the program and George’s videos are inspiring. Give it a try, all you have to lose is some pounds and all the toxins in your system.

– Timothy Levins

Darryl sydor

Athletes Love Our Cleanses

Listen to Darryl Sydor from the Dallas Stars talk about the benefits of our full body cleanse and why he recommends it for everyone.

Find out why celebrities, including star athletes & doctors, continue to recommend our cleanse programs as the best in the market.