What should you eat to fight inflammation?

When you say inflammation, people automatically think of swollen pimples and reddened bumps on the head. While this is true, there’s a more serious type of inflammation that happens inside our bodies. Most of the time, we don’t feel it until it’s too late. What is Inflammation? Inflammation is actually a way for our body to protect itself from harm. Even though the word is primarily construed as something negative, it actually has some benefits. Acute inflammation This kind happens when you get a pimple, a paper cut, or tonsilitis. Our immune system sends white blood cells to the area where bacteria or injured tissues are detected to act as protection. This results in the commonly known symptoms like swelling and redness. Normally, the symptoms [...]

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Anxiety Disorder and Nutrition: Is There a Link?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety has become the #1 mental health issue in North America. 1 in 18 Americans suffers from anxiety disorder. There are many things that cause the development of this mental disorder. It could be genetics, brain chemistry, personality, or traumatic life events. A lot of people search for ways on how to deal with anxiety, but most are not aware that their nutrition can actually trigger this disorder. To give you an accurate and holistic picture of this stressful topic, we interviewed some professionals such as psychologists, nutritionists, and MDs to shed light on the emotional causes of anxiety. However, we won't go into the techniques for the psychological methods to minimize anxiety as it’s not our area of [...]

How to Get the Body of a Football World Cup Champion

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is heating up! While everyone is curious to see who’d take home the trophy this year, even more are curious about how football superstars achieved those lean, mean bodies! Top players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have godlike bodies that men envy and that make women swoon. But they didn’t start out that way. Both players train consistently and stick to a specialized diet starting a couple of weeks before a game to optimize their bodies. However, they do still have to keep fit off-season. Below are the 5 things these football world cup superstars do to sustain their incredible physique all year round.   Train Your Mind These stars have a focused healthy mindset. Maintaining a specific meal plan [...]

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4 Summer Salads for the Perfect Bikini Body

The summer sun isn’t showing any signs of relenting, which means more time to cool off at the beach! With all the scrumptious snacks pedaled along boardwalks, you might be tempted to eat them all. But if you want to maintain that beach-ready shape, you need to watch what summer foods to eat. Here are some summer salads that are super nutritious and a breeze to make!   Watermelon Salad Watermelon is one of the best summer foods you can eat while being active in the heat. Among the other summer salads mentioned here, this is the only one that will give you important nutrients and hydrate you at the same time without all of those chemicals and fake ingredients in Powerade, Gatorade and all [...]

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Intermittent Fasting – Should You Really Do It?

This new diet is making waves in the weight loss realm. Throngs of people are putting it up there with the keto diet, hailing it as one of the most effective weight loss regimens. And there are indeed solid results evidenced by multiple testimonials! Because of this, more people are jumping on board the IF (intermittent fasting) bandwagon, filled with the promise of rapid weight loss. What they don’t realize is that each “fad diet” has its risks, and if it seems like IF doesn’t, well, you just didn’t dig deep enough. Below are lesser-known facts about intermittent fasting that people need to know. There is also some input by Dr. Valter Longo, a professor in the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California.   [...]

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What is the Best Workout for Losing Baby Weight at Home?

Celebrities and models seem to just magic off their baby weight only a few weeks after giving birth. If you’re a mom and haven’t had the chance to get back to your pre-baby body even years after giving birth, fret not. It isn’t a race, and it certainly isn’t impossible! You can achieve this through a simple, yet strategic workout for losing baby weight! Since mothering is so time-consuming, you’re going to need a workout for losing baby weight at home. That’s why we compiled a list of of exercises that you can make into a workout plan to lose baby weight. You don’t need any special equipment to do these exercises - just 10 minutes, some free space, and your determination!   Sandbag Bear [...]

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