21 Day Body Makeover

Example Day on the 21 Day Body Makeover Program

You will have 2 scoops of MediClear SGS powder,
​Try our amazingly rich Ultimate Brownie Shake recipe. You will also take 1 Bio-Gest supplement.

Try our Lentil soup with Chicken Breast, or a Grilled Salmon Salad.​ Y​ou will take 1 Bio-Gest,1 Liver Cleanse, and 1 Green Tea Phytosome.

If needed​ Protein and fresh veggies to keep you satisfied longer.

Examples from our dinner recipes include Dijon Salmon or Heavenly Steak accompanied by various side dishes.​
With ​dinner ​1 Bio-Gest,1 Liver Cleanse, and 2 Green Tea Phytosome

Who doesn’t love dessert? We include smart, indulgent recipes to satisfy even the most stubborn sugar cravings. One of our all-time favorites are the thin mint popsicles!

Working up a good sweat is essential to the 21 Day Body Makeover. Make the most of your time with our scientifically proven workout routines that will produce simply incredible results in less than 30 minutes.

21 Day Body Makeover Program - Apple

Nutrient-enhanced protein source used by the whole body (especially the liver, kidneys and digestive tract) after ingestion.

  • Helps to scavenge and remove stored and circulating toxins.
  • Helps soothe inflammation throughout the entire body.
  • Helps to balance blood sugar and create energy by providing a clean source of protein for optimal hormone/insulin/leptin levels.
21 Day Body Makeover Program - Exercise

Attaches amino acids to toxins (paint, hardwood varnish, de-greasers and other xylene based toxins) so they can be eliminated through the liver, kidneys or skin. Added antioxidants that are required to support the body during liver and systemic detoxification.

21 Day Body Makeover Program - Waist

Helps the liver and kidneys process oil (fat) and petroleum-based toxins which like to store in fatty tissue and throughout the body. Bile in our gallbladder acts like a detergent in the body, breaking down fats for easier removal through digestion (elimination). Naturally supports (without stimulation from herbs like senna or cascara) normal daily bowel function: a key component of detoxification.


Helps to break down the food we eat into the smallest component so we can extract all the needed nutrition and properly absorb vitamins and hard to digest and minerals. Works with LiverClean to aid in the proper elimination of fatty toxins. Aids in regular bowel movements.