• Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Anorexia
  • Gallbladder removed
  • History of kidney stones
  • Pancreatic insufficiency
  • Enzyme deficiency

Rare metabolic disorders such as Gaucher disease, Tay-Sachs, Niemann-Pick and Fabry disease which can interfere with fat metabolism.

It wouldn’t be fair to the Keto Cleanse customers who paid for access to the portal and supplements. They don’t have access to all of the same benefits of the Full Body Cleanse. In addition, the eating protocol is different and it’s unhealthy if someone vacillates between the Keto Cleanse protocol and the Full Body Cleanse. By reserving the Keto Cleanse portal for Keto Cleanse customers, we’re able to more easily manage where that person is in the process to guide and manage their success. Therefore, you must purchase the Keto Cleanse to have access.

You will receive an email with a password for instructions to enter the portal where you’ll see recipe and exercise videos, written recipes,
example menu and all of the instruction you’ll need.

I’m breast-feeding, can I use this program? **MUST READ**
If you’re breast-feeding you cannot use a cleanse program! Two of our four products contain herbs that are not recommended for nursing mothers. Our Keto Cleanse is recommended as preparation for pregnancy (3-9 months prior), and after breast feeding has ended to help gain back energy and aid in fat loss.

If you’re on Coumadin you cannot undergo our 21 Day Cleanse and Keto Cleanse because it contains a lot of green leafy veggies that are high in vitamin K. Vitamin K will cause an increased clearance of Coumadin which is not desirable at this time. We recommend (with your prescribing doctor’s permission) taking a blend of essential fatty acids called Omega Synergy and a mixed tocopherol vitamin E product (you will need to create an account in order to place an order). Large amounts of garlic will help as well. These nutrients will help to naturally thin your blood. Your physician must monitor your prothombin time (thickness) to make sure your blood does not get too thin with the combination of nutrients and Coumadin, and should be ready to alter/reduce the coumadin levels as needed. Again, clear this suggestion with your prescribing doctor and have him/her monitor you. Your diet should be anti-inflammatory which means no sugar or refined carbs, no dairy, and low amounts of shell fish.

Foods to include: fish (salmon, tuna, etc), lean meats, and fresh fruits and veggies (careful with the green ones while on coumadin though). If/when you are healthy enough where you no longer require coumadin, you may undergo the 21 Day Cleanse and Keto Cleanse. Contact Dr. Webster if you need further help at 972-735-0707 or

Unfortunately, if you have had an organ transplant, you cannot undergo our Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse The anti-rejection drugs you are on are designed to suppress your immune system.Full Body and Keto Cleanse improves immune system health and functionality and could, therefore, decrease the drug’s effectiveness. We would not want to put you at an increased risk for rejecting your transplanted organ. Unfortunately, we do not allow transplant patients to use Full Body and Keto Cleanse.

Unfortunately, we do not allow those on immunosuppressive drugs to use Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse. The drugs you are on are designed to suppress your immune system. The Full Body Cleanse and Keto Cleanse improves immune system health and functionality and could, therefore, decrease the drug’s effectiveness. We would not want to put you at an increased risk.

If you are having acute gallstone issues, consult your doctor before using. If you have had a history of gallstones or had your gallbladder removed you may use this program.

If you are on antibiotics, wait until you are finished to start the 21 Day Cleanse or Keto Cleanse. While on the antibiotics, you should take Probiotic Synergy  (you will need to create an account in order to place an order) to help spare the good bacteria in your gut. If you are already on the 21 Day Cleanse or Keto Cleanse, stop the program until you are finished with the antibiotics and then restart the program where you left off.

Please double check the FAQ’s to ensure that the answer to your question is not there. If you still have concerns or questions, emailing to is the best way to contact us for the fastest response. Dr. Webster or George will usually return your email within three hours, unless it is the weekend or a holiday, in which case it can take up to 24 hours.

USING THE 21 Day Cleanse or Keto Cleanse

Drink 64-100 ounces of water, have 1-3 bowel movements, and sweat EVERY SINGLE DAY you are on this program!

It is best to exercise to sweat. If you cannot exercise on a particular day, try a sauna, but this is no substitute for exercise and sweating. Do not rely on a sauna for your everyday sweating. Be sure to add sea salt to your diet daily as stated in your instructions.

While there are several shake recipes, our most popular recipe is the delicious Brownie Shake Recipe, which takes just a couple of minutes to make.

Brownie Shake Recipe 2 scoops MediClear SGS powder 1.5-2 cups unsweetened almond milk 1-1.5 cups ice 2 tbsp cocoa powder 1 tbsp unrefined coconut oil 1/4 tsp stevia or 1 packet 1 tbsp vanilla

In a small pot, heat the oil over medium. Add cocoa, stevia, and vanilla. Stir until syrupy. Meanwhile, blend powder and milk until thick. Add the chocolate syrup and ice. Blend until desired consistency is reached and enjoy your Brownie Shake!

SWEAT, SWEAT, SWEAT. Sweat and drink water and green tea. You are in a pretty aggressive phase of the removal of toxins. Your side effects should clear up within the next day or so. If you sweat and flush those toxins out, you should feel better within hours. Also make sure to add real sea salt, as directed per the instructions, to help replace lost electrolytes and minerals.

Yes, you may undergo the Full Body Cleanse or Keto Cleanse. Here is a link to an article on Dr. Webster’s website that discusses anti-depressants and the natural approach that can help those suffering with depression and anxiety: Please read this article and call Dr. Webster if you are interested in seeking this type of care. 972-735-0707.

It is likely that you are detoxifying too quickly for your liver to keep up. This can mean toxins are re-circulating through your blood, causing symptoms such as headaches or joint pain. Include a lot of high-sulfur veggies such as garlic, cabbage, broccoli, onions, kale, and asparagus in your diet to help your liver detoxify and to clear the toxins from your body. I also recommend a supplement called AminoDetox which will specifically help the liver catch up on its part of the detox process. This combination should slow down the re-distribution of toxins in your body and improve your liver’s ability to clear the toxins. Call Dr. Webster to order. 972-735-0707

This is a common issue when trying to digest veggies if you do not eat them on a daily basis.

First thing when you wake up, drink a big glass of room temperature water with a level teaspoon of sea salt and a big squeeze of lemon. Drink this before you do anything else in the morning. If you are constipated, add1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar to EVERY meal you eat throughout the day. This will help prevent bloating and constipation throughout the program as your body undergoes detoxification. You can also try taking 300-500mg magnesium per day and increase until normal bowel function is achieved. If you get to over 1500mg and still no luck then don’t go any higher. Contact Dr Webster

To purchase high grade Magnesium and save 20% on shipping every day, go to this link and enter coupon code: 20% at checkout.

Often people are not eating the suggested fat. You MUST ingest good fat that is suggested in the program for fat loss and normal bowel movement. If constipation persists, please contact Dr. Webster at

When you have to move your bowels just go. Listen to your body; if you need to go. You should have at least one to three bowl movements per day.

Long term, the detoxification process will help your digestion a lot by eliminating toxins from your bowel and the surrounding nerves but we still will most likely need to restore balance to your gut bacteria so that this is not an ongoing issue. Call Dr Webster 972 735 0707 to discuss a long term plan when you near the end of the detox program.


The Full Body Makeover Program has

1 of it’s 4 Products which contains stevia, MediClear SGS.

1. Our stevia is processed with only ethanol, and NO toxic solvents are left over in that extraction process.

2. Our MediClear SGS, which is the product with a small amount of stevia, is not a calorie free product. It actually still has a very small amount of sugar from other sources in addition to protein and fiber – thus negating the potential caloric-disregulation and hyperinsulin effect of consuming something sweet that is also calorie free.

The marketing and over consumption of both ‘natural’ and ‘unnatural’ sources of sugar and sugar substitutes in the world creates mass confusion for which of them, if any, are ok to use and how often.

Our stance at 21 day Body Makeover are these:

1. any sweet tasting items (beverages included) should be eaten in moderation

2. man-made sugar substitutes should be avoided at all costs! These include the pink, yellow and blue packets and any product that uses those chemical sweeteners in it.

3. ‘natural’ calorie free sweeteners (like Stevia) should be consumed with other foods present Our 1 product as mentioned above use a combination of stevia and natural sweeteners like cane juice and glucose; all of which only total 5 grams of sugar per serving!

Since Stevia was approved for use as a commercial sweetener in the US it can be found in soda replacement, juice like drinks and many other calorie free products.

We do suggest that if people need a substitute for one of the above, especially if you are trying to lose fat, gain energy, support blood sugar and heart health, that you consider either pure Stevia which we do in our products or Xylitol and consumed with other foods present such as a protein and fat source. What are acceptable food & beverages to consume while on the 21 day cleanse and/or 30 day Fat Loss?

Any beverage you consume, other than water or green tea not bottled, while on the cleanse and/or fat loss program can adversely affect your results as well as your health. For instance Gatorade, Powerade or any sports drink should not be used and can adversely affect your health especially while on this cleanse or fat loss program. You should do a Google search for “kidney damage and sports drinks” to gain more information. Any food that is not on the specified list of foods to eat while on the cleanse or the fat loss program can adversely affect the results of this program and may adversely affect your health depending on your condition prior to starting either one of these programs.

It is best to not drink coffee while on the program unless you use a non-acid all-natural coffee such as Papua Coffee, which has alkalizing and detox benefits . Green tea is a healthy for you and helps burn calories! (But DO NOT drink bottled green tea.)

Organic foods are always the better choice, but if you want to go out to eat, or if you can’t get organic foods for any reason, just be sure you stick with items from my approved foods list. Remember you are trying to cleanse the body of the harsh chemicals and toxins taken in. These foods are vital for success.

Yes, after the shake is completed. Add plenty of vegetables too if you’d like. After the 21 days are over, you will enter into the Transition Period where you will begin adding raw seeds or nuts, such as almonds. These foods, while absolutely healthy, can be the cause of allergies in some people and should be re-introduced after the 21 days to evaluate for sensitivity.

USING THE Keto Cleanse

Ketones are a metabolite of fats, like MCT oil or unrefined coconut oil.The effect is feeling energic, not nervous energy.KetoMCT and other fats have the same benefit, but slower and longer lasting.

Ketosis occurs when your body runs out of its glycogen (sugar stores) so begins using fat. Your liver begins processing fat into ketones which become your body’s main fuel source. Ketogenic diet is a low-carb eating plan producing and expending a significant amount of ketones, specifically acetoacetate and derivative beta-hydroxybuterate and acetone

Ketones = energy.

No, since the 1920’s there have been many studies of people who benefitted without clinic evidence of any danger. Many, even registered dieticians, confuse ketosis (healthy), with ketoacidosis which indicates health problems. Ketoacidosis, in Type I diabetics and alcoholics, have a level of ketones in the blood 3-5 times higher than in nutritional ketosis. Also, the level of glucose in case of ketoacidosis is very high.

Let’s use some common sense, too many calories of any macro nutrient can make you gain weight. However, many solid studies show a high fat diet is health, but only when carbohydrates are kept low!! Eating high fat  makes it difficult to eat too many calories due to how full you’ll feel. Carbohydrates do not make us feel full, therefore we reach for more food a couple of hours after our last meal.  In addition, high clean saturated and monounsaturated fats and low in carbohydrates and raise your HDL (so-called “good”) cholesterol and lowers your triglycerides.

Contrary to what you’ve read and heard, cholesterol is vital to our endocrine glands: adrenals and sex glands. They produce steroid hormones made from cholesterol: testosterone, progesterone, pregnenolone, androsterone, estrone, estradiol, corticosterone, aldosterone and others. If we don’t have cholesterol, we die. The real cause of heart disease is not high cholesterol but chronic inflammation and cholesterol that is too low. I highly recommend reading the book Super Fuel

130-150 grams of carbohydrates is considered low-carb. Ketogenic diets are between 20-50 grams of carbohydrates a day.

Absolutely! Stomach acid is a natural, normal, and essential to be very acidic. Protein and fat begins to breakdown in your stomach, and digestion begins with your stomach acid. So, contrary to popular belief, GERD is not a function of too much stomach acid; they have too little. (1)

If you have too little stomach acid, or the acid you produce is not sufficiently acidic, food remains in the stomach longer than it should. Grains, and other starches begin to ferment as they remain in your stomach for an extended period of time which creates gas and adds pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter which is supposed to remain closed except after you swallow. Food presses against it, causing it to open and allow the food to pass into your stomach. Contributors to reflux in some people include smoking (3), high alcohol intake (4), and anatomical issues, such as hiatal hernia (5). Obesity — specifically abdominal obesity, where fat is mainly carried at the midsection.

Yes, and there is a clinic in California called Virta Health who sole mission is to reverse Type 2 diabetes usin the ketogenic diet. Have your doctor monitor your blood where he/she will likely adjustment your medication after just a few days of following a low-carb diet. Dr. Richard D Feinman has authored a review of studies that is worth reading. For more information, read this post: Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Conquered Eating a Ketogenic Diet?

Yes, but only under medical supervision. It’s very important that type 1 diabetics don’t reach ketoacidosis (very high levels of ketones and glucose). For more information, read this post: Ketogenic Diet and Type 1 Diabetes

Written by Martina Slajerova

Yes, and it’s easy to be on a vegetarian, ketogenic diet, it’s very hard and nearly impossible to be on a vegan, ketogenic diet plan.

Vegetarian- The main source of protein on a ketogenic diet is meat, you’ll have to find alternatives such as eggs and dairy. Iron is in nuts and dark green vegetables (watercress, spinach, kale, broccoli, etc.).

Vegan- Following a ketogenic diet will be hard due to lack of calories and adequate food intake. Vegans are often deficient in calcium. Calcium, is also found in dark leafy greens (kale, turnip greens), seaweed (nori sheets and other), nuts (especially almonds, sesame seeds and sesame products (unsweetened tahini) and blackstrap molasses.

Other Health Questions

For those with arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat, including racing heart, I suggest taking 3 grams of Taurine powder per day as well as additional magnesium malate. Often those with arrhythmias are deficient in the nutrients taurine and magnesium, which are required to normalize the electrical impulses throughout the heart. Contact Dr. Webster at 972-735-0707 to order.

What if I take statin drugs to treat my cholesterol?

(Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Vytorin, Advicor, Pravachol, Caudet, etc.) If you are taking a statin drug to lower your cholesterol, you can detox, but it is crucial that you also take Q-Avail (emulsified CoQ10). Statin drugs deplete your body of this vital nutrient, which can lead to disorders of the muscles, heart, brain, and nervous system. I suggest 120mg Q-Avail per day, while on statin drugs, due to its superior absorption characteristics. Other forms of CoQ10 will require much higher doses to offer this level of protection (300?1000mg depending on form). Call Dr. Webster at 972-735-0707 to order Q-Avail.

To naturally lower cholesterol I suggest tocotrienols (gamma/delta forms only) and policosanol. Neither of these agents lowers CoQ10, which makes them more desirable than statin drugs. Call Dr. Webster to order. 972-735-0707

Those with ulcers, more often than not, produce too little stomach acid rather than too much. Low acid production leads to poor digestion and decreased mucus production (mucus is the protective substance in the stomach) which allows the lining of the stomach to be damaged. Further, without the needed acid in the stomach, the pancreas will not neutralize the acidic food when it leaves the stomach and enters the intestines. This can lead to duodenal (intestinal) ulcers. The real solution is usually to increase stomach acid production and normalize digestion. I know this sounds counter-intuitive but I have seen this work over and over again. To increase stomach acid, try the following: 10 minutes before meals eat something bitter to stimulate acid production; apple cider vinegar or a lemon wedge works great.

There is a supplement called Digest that can also be used (it is VERY bitter). In addition, only drink a minimal amount of water with meals, as water dilutes stomach acid. Don’t use ice in your drinks. Chew your food very well to increase acid production and decrease the digestive load. Never overeat as this dilutes stomach acid. Immediately after meals, take a capsule of Betaine HCl. Often, it is necessary to heal the stomach before it will increase the production of stomach acid. For this, I recommend taking 4 capsules of GastroMend HP per day for 15 days before beginning the above protocol. In addition to helping the ulcer heal, GastroMend HP will also kill H-Pylori bacteria which can be one of the underlying causes of ulcers. Call Dr. Webster to order. 972-735-0707

Monitor your blood pressure along with your doctor while you are on the Full Body Makeover Program. Those on the program often become healthy enough that their prescribing doctor may choose to reduce their blood pressure medication or discontinue it.

For additional blood pressure support I suggest a supplement called HTN Complex, which is a powerful blend of natural substances shown to help normalize blood pressure. Contact Dr. Webster at 972-735-0707 or to order.

Low thyroid function is often due to iodine deficiency, and the symptoms of low thyroid can be made much worse by adrenal fatigue. An iodine loading test should be performed to assess your iodine requirements, which in some instances is quite a lot. The test will also tell us if you are able to properly absorb iodine. Iodine is important because those low in iodine are also at an increased risk to develop fibrous cysts in the thyroid, breast, and ovaries (women), or testicles and prostate gland (men), which can eventually lead to cancer in those respective tissues. Low iodine can also lead to disorders of the stomach and skin, such as an inability to sweat and menstrual irregularities, to name a few. It is also very important to check adrenal function in those with thyroid problems because treatment of thyroid disorders is rarely successful unless the adrenals are functioning properly. Call Dr. Webster to make an appointment for the necessary testing and treatment. 972-735-0707

For those with Degenerative Disc Disease, I usually recommend decompression treatment along with a supplement called ArthroSoothe to nourish and re-hydrate the disc. Patients often report back-pain relief and a decrease in related neurological symptoms that they never thought possible.

I have diabetes; do you have any additional suggestions to help maintain healthy sugar levels?
While on the Full Body Makeover Program, monitor your blood sugar along with your doctor. Those on the program often become healthy enough that their prescribing doctor may choose to reduce their blood sugar medication or even discontinue it altogether. I can also offer you additional blood sugar support. Further benefit can be seen from Magnesium Malate and VitaminD3.

This combination works very well!

Diabetes: KetocMCT oil may benefit both type I and type II diabetes, by improving insulin resistance, improving hypoglycemic unawareness and associated cognitive measures, and diminishing glycogenolysis and glucose dumping into the plasma [43]. It is likely that insulin intake can be diminished and that a steadier blood sugar may result. In diabetes, cancer, and other diseases, the anti-oxidant benefits of KBs (decreased free radicals, increased glutathione peroxidase) are also important clinically [8, 44]. Dosage instructions: 1 tablespoon in the morning after a meal. It’s important to have after a meal not before to prevent nausea. After one week increase to 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the afternoon

Yes, you may perform the Full Body Makeover Program. Those with acid reflux/heartburn, more often than not, produce too little stomach acid rather than too much. This leads to poor digestion and increased fermentation of the foods which causes organic acids (not stomach acid) to be blown up into the esophagus.

The real solution is usually to increase stomach acid production in the stomach and normalize digestion. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but I have seen this work over and over again. To increase stomach acid, try the following: 10 minutes before meals eat something bitter to stimulate acid production—a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or a lemon wedge works great.

There is a supplement called Digest that can also be used (it is VERY bitter). Only drink a minimal amount of water with meals, because water dilutes stomach acid, and don’t use ice in your water at meals. As well, chew your food very well to increase acid production and decrease your digestive load. Never overeat as this dilutes stomach acid. Immediately after meals, take a capsule of Betaine HCl. More info on the topic can be found at:

We are proud to be NSF Sport certified. The US Olympic Committee partnered with us last year because their athletes would be protected from banned substances with regard to any ingredients that would be considered a banned substance for athletes.


It can take up to 4-6 business days to receive your order depending on your location in America.

ONLY use this email if you have not received your product within 6 business days. Products are now generated from Idaho and will take 3-4 business days to get to DFW. If you are not in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and have not received them within the four business days they may still be in route (or delayed due to a holiday). You should have received an email with the Fed Ex tracking number. p.s. DO NOT ship or mail letters or packages to this address: 25 Highland Park Village Dallas TX. It will be refused. This is a P. O. Box for admins only.

After ordering your 21 Day Cleanse or Keto Cleanse, you will be able to log on immediately and download the instructions and eating protocol from our website.

In order to comply with Texas State Law, those Texas residence are subject to pay 6.25% State Sales Tax.

To compensate for this increase we are decreasing shipping to all Texas residence from $12-$14 to $9 flat rate.

Make sure to read the testimonials of others who have been successful while traveling and using this program. Plan your meals ahead of time while eating out or staying in a hotel. Sticking with the approved foods should be easy wherever you so, and you should be able to have plenty of flavorful meals. You can eat guacamole, salsa, olive oil, and many other seasonings with your meals. You will find plenty of meal examples and recipes in the informational guide once you purchase the program. You do not have to cook every meal for your cleanse to be a success, and you will see how free you can be with flavor while eating out.

Our products are all Gluten-Free, soy protein free, and non-GMO.

The $197 program includes four supplements – the MediClear SGS powder, Liver Cleanse, DigestionEase, and Green Tea Phytosome. The package also includes your own personal download ID (which you will receive by email) for use in downloading the program directions. You will receive email support, if needed, after reading the FAQs. Note: We DO NOT provide cod liver oil because it could perish in transit.

Our manufacturer increased our minimums and instead of raising our prices to keep private labels showing 21 day body makeover we have allowed use of the manufacturer’s labels. The products are exactly the same, there is no difference whatsoever. Only the labels have changed. Medi-Cleanse = Mediclear, DigestionEase = Bio Gest, Green Tea Phytosome = Green Tea, Liver Cleanse = Liver Cleanse. When will I get the Full Body Makeover Program instructions and eating protocol? You will receive an email with your log in ID and password to capture your instructions. If you didn’t see it in your inbox check your spam. After ordering your Full Body Makeover Program, you will be able to log on immediately and download the instructions and eating protocol from our website.

If you need support while on the Full Body Makeover contact Dr. Webster

Please double check the FAQ’s to ensure that the answer to your question is not there. If you still have concerns or questions, emailing to is the best way to contact us for the fastest response. Dr. Webster or George will usually return your email within three hours, unless it is the weekend or a holiday, in which case it can take up to 24 hours.

More often than not, there are many variables to weight loss such as people who have treated themselves poorly for an extended period of time.Below are some considerations that will help you along your journey and to manage expectations of what’s to come. Make sure to read the support emails sent to you after you purchase the Keto Cleanse or Full Body Program…they are very helpful.

1. Consider you may not have much water weight to lose. When you lose weight fast, you’re losing mostly water and have a high likelihood of it coming back fast after the program is finished.When you lose weight slowly, you’re losing mostly fat. Pay attention to fat and inches lost NOT weight on a scale. Your scale and your clothes are the best measurements. Fat loss is never fast with any program for those who have 25lbs or less to lose. The more fat you have to lose the faster it the scale will change…keep in mind those with more than 40lbs to lose are often holding onto much water and will lose weight faster on a scale.

2. Make sure you’re not limiting your exercise to aerobic training to lose fat. You’re not likely to change your muscle to fat ratio and it will keep you from losing the fat you want and just as important is keeping it off.

3. You may suffer from adrenal fatigue. Some signs of adrenal fatigue are (trouble falling asleep, can’t fall asleep before midnight, tossing and turning throughout the night, tired when you wake, irritable, craving sugar).

Keep in mind any results you receive really fast you will lose just as fast with any diet or supplement program. Stay away from the scale, look at inches lost only. You may not see as much of a reflection on the scale as you will with the shape of your body. Also, keep in mind this is a cleanse not a fat loss program. Fat loss is a side benefit most everyone receives but everyone will respond differently. Some people lose 30 lbs. or more while on our 30-day Full Body Makeover Program.

Others lose 10 lbs. Results depend on compliance with all of our instructions and conditions you may not be aware of which can prevent you from losing fat. An example would be a vitamin deficiency. If you do not have enough vitamin B that deficiency can adversely slow your metabolism, therefore, keeping you from the fat loss you desire. There are other examples which are why I recommend using our supplement portal. Create an account and receive 20% off of all of your supplement needs along with free shipping.

4. Mothers may need additional hormonal balance which Dr. Webster can assist with.

Lastly, if you’re sore due to exercise, you will retain more weight on a scale until all soreness is gone and the muscle is repaired… which brings us back to looking at inches lost not weight.

There are no age restrictions for those who could benefit from the Full Body Cleanse or Keto Cleanse.


No. This plan will not and cannot work without the appropriate supplements.

All products are thoroughly tested for contamination and purity. You can feel confident that you are getting THE most pure and clean products in the market space.

No, they are much better! We ensure that what our label says is EXACTLY what is in the bottle. Our products are all professional grade, which means normally only a licensed or certified health practitioner like your doctor could get you this level of quality. Because of our track record and successful background, we are able to bring these high level products directly to you! When you buy over the counter, you do not get that guarantee.

Our products are produced in a FDA-GMP certified facility, meaning that what you are taking is truly clean and pure. Our products are thoroughly tested before and after manufacturing safely and efficiently.

The foods you are eating do indeed perform detoxification, but our foods are unfortunately low in nutrients because of depleted nutrients in the soil and they do not give us the concentration of nutrients they did fifty years ago. We need professional-grade supplements to enhance our efforts in the cleansing process, especially considering the vast number of chemicals we are exposed to every day. The nutrients selected in your program are specifically chosen to increase the detoxification of the skin, lymph, bowel, kidneys, liver, etc. Our well-designed food program combined with these whole food based supplements increases the effectiveness and smoothness of a full body cleanse.

After the MediClear SGS powder runs out on day 20 or 21, you will enter into the Transition Phase of the program. During this phase, you will still have the DigestionEase, Liver Cleanse, and Green Tea Phytosome to help aid your body. You will be able to add range-free eggs, raw nuts, and legumes such as beans back into your diet. By including one of these food items with each meal, your body will continue to benefit from the program while transitioning.

For the best long-term results, I highly recommend using the Full Body Makeover Program 2-3 times per year.