The popularity of pharmaceutical solutions for health problems are mostly likely due to their convenience and the fact that they are prescribe by doctors. Popping a pill is much easier than making lifestyle or dietary changes.

But before you pop that pill, educate yourself. You may be solving one health problem but creating a host of other ones.

One example is statin drugs. Statins are prescribed to help manage blood cholesterol levels , thus decreasing the risk of heart attacks and stroke. Studies sponsored by the statin drug makers, have found that these drugs lower the risk of stroke or heart attack by about 25 to 35 percent.

However, what the drug companies or doctors don’t tell you is that statins can have some terrible side effects. A study published in the American Journal of Physiology states that statin drugs can destroy human health more than they work to improve it.

The health problems associated with statin drugs include cataracts, fatigue, liver problems, muscle pain, vertigo and memory loss, just to name a few.

Statins can also speed up the aging process and lead to nerve and joint problems. They can also raise the risk of developing a form of myopathy that causes skeletal muscle weakness.

And because statins can raise levels of blood sugar, they may also impair brain function and cognition, causing brain damage in the worst cases. The blood sugar effects can also lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.

While the FDA claims that the benefits of statin drugs are “indisputable”, the side effects are just way too scary to ignore. If you do a bit of research you will find that the health consequences and negative health studies associated with statins are not uncommon.

Let’s examine these side effects in greater depth.

About 10 percent of statin users experience pain, usually in the thighs, shoulders, upper arms, and/or lower back. If you are a statin user and experience pain that won’t go away, even while resting, consult your doctor about it.

Statins have been shown to increase liver enzymes. And the risks are even higher if statins are taken with other cholesterol lowering drugs. If you are currently on statin drugs, take a blood test to see if your liver enzymes are elevated.

Statins may also complicate or worsen other health conditions.

A 2011 study found that 20 people with asthma, who took statins, had more symptoms and worse lung function than the 20 asthma patients who didn’t take them.

And even some doctors suggest that if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, you should not take statins, due to concern about birth defects.

This is likely due to the fact that cholesterol is a building block for developing brains, hearts, and limbs. Women who are breastfeeding should also avoid statin use.

Lastly, if you develop an infection for which you need antibiotics or antifungal drugs, make sure your doctor knows you are taking statins. There may be a greater risk of muscle damage when mixing statins with these infection-fighting drugs.

There are many cholesterol-lowering alternatives to statin drugs. Perhaps it’s time to explore those natural approaches more deeply.

Some experts believe that eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates, sugar and hydrogenated fats contributes to raising cholesterol. Cholesterol is manufactured by the liver, so taking good care of this important detox organ can help reduce and balance cholesterol naturally.

Detoxing and eating a whole food diet that is high in quality protein, healthy fats (like fish oil), soluble fiber and antioxidants is one of the best natural approaches to lowering cholesterol levels without medications. Exercise and stress reduction can also help tremendously.

The 21-Day Body Makeover helps cleanse the liver with herbs and resets the body with a clean and satisfying whole food diet. It also offers an appropriate exercise program for your level. Lowering cholesterol in this healthy way has no side effects at all and lots of extra benefits like weight loss or increased energy.

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