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Looking at your report, you’ll notice Deficiencies are in RED. Correlate each deficiency in your report with the supplement below to replace that specific deficiency.


Supplement Guide

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All B Markers:B supreme: 1-3 Capsules Dailybutton
B-6P-5-P 1-3 Capsules Dailybutton
Amino Acids:
SerinePhosphatidyl Serine Powder: 1-3 tsp dailybutton
GlutamineBCA Powder with Glutamine: 2-6 tsp dailybutton
AsparagineL-Glutamine Powde 1 tsp- 1 TBSP OR GI Revive Powder or caps if GUT issuesbutton
CholinePhos Choline Pills or Powder: 1-3 softgels or 1-2 tsp powderbutton
InositolInositol Powder1-2 Pills or 1-2 Tsp Dailybutton
CarnitineCarniclear Liquid or Carnitine Capsules: 1 tsp daily or 2-4 Capsules dailybutton
Fatty Acids:
Oleic Acid*Should do Omega Check for Other Fatty Aciud Status
Other Vitamins:
Vitamin D: 1-2 Capsules Daily or 1-3 drops dailyVitamin D Supreme 1-2 caps or Emulsi D 1-5 drops dailybutton
Vitamin AMetabolic Synergy or Twice Daily Multi: MS: 6 daily or TDM: 2 Capsules Dailybutton
Vitamin K2Vitamin D Supreme/ 1-2 Caplsules Dailybutton
CalciumCalcium Malate Chelate:2-4 daily or Osteoforce: : 4 Dailybutton
ZincZinc Supreme:1-3 Dailybutton
CopperDFH Multi w Copper: 6 Capsules Dailybutton
MagnesiumMagnessium Malate Chelate: 2-4 Capsules Dailybutton
Carbohydrate Metabolism:
Fructose SensitivityMetabolic Synergy: 6 Capsules Dailybutton
ChromiumMetabolic Synergy: 6 Capsules Dailybutton
Glucose-Insulin InteractionMetabolic Synergy: 6 Capsules Dailybutton
GlutathioneS-Acetyl Glutathione Synergy: 2 Capsules Dailybutton
CysteineHomocysteine Supreme: 2 Capsules Dailybutton
Vitamin EUltimate Antioxidant 2-4 Capsules Dailybutton
Alpha Lipoid AcidLipoid Supreme: 1-3 Capsules Dailybutton
Vitamin CC Plus BioFizz: 1-2 tsp dailybutton
TOTAL ANTIOXIDANT FUNCTIONMetabolic Synergy: 6 Daily and Ultimate Antioxidant: 2 Dailybutton
IMMIUNIDEXImmunitone Plus/ 3 Capsules Daily or Immunitone Packets: 2 Dailybutton