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Body Cleanse – Detox Program - 21 Day Body Makeover

Is cleansing right for you?

comprehensive solutionCleansing your body has been popular for years. But is it right for you? Below we answer frequently asked questions about cleansing for improved health and why the 21 Day Body Makeover is more comprehensive than other cleanses. It still boggles my mind why many people limit their benefits by using a colon or liver cleanse. 
Our cleanse is a full body cleanse that targets 5 of your biggest elimination organs, so it will cleanse your whole body rather than concentrate on only one organ like your liver or colon.

Our bodies are naturally designed to take in toxins and clean them out. But science as shown modern pollution, toxins and processed diets can overwhelm cleansing organs like the skin, liver, colon, lymph and kidneys. As they become overworked they get clogged and sluggish and function less effectively. If you’re trying to loss fat for instance, and your liver is not working at its optimal level due to a poor diet, then you will most likely struggle to lose that excess weight even on a good diet.  A full body, all organ cleanse can help rejuvenate your natural cleansing powers. 
Everyone needs a vacation right? Your organs are no different. A full body cleanse gives all of your organs the support and rest they need to function optimally. 

There are different signs that you might need a full body cleanse, such as weight gain, head aches, joint pain, skin eruptions, nausea, fatigue, craving for sweets, trouble sleeping, depression and allergies, to name a few. Testimonial after testimonial have come to us expressing gratitude for helping to alleviate these symptoms during and after using our full body cleansing. 
A lot of people cleanse to lose weight, so why is cleansing important for weight loss?
Happy organs, particularly the liver, are the key to weight loss. Also, keeping blood sugar stable by eating healthy, regular meals of protein, fat and carbs is crucial for sustainable weight loss. Keeping blood sugar stable will also lower inflammation, increase energy and decrease unpleasant detox symptoms.

The herbs and supplements provided by our full body 21-Day Body Makeover along with the food and movement plan, help support your organs and turns up your fat burning powers. Also, cleansing alleviates inflammation, which is a reason some bodies hold onto unwanted weight for protection. Cleansing improves metabolism, elimination and digestion, which is the foundational step to lasting weight loss. 

What are the other typical benefits of a full body cleanse and who should cleanse?
Cleansing is appropriate for adults of any age, but there are a few exceptions. For example, the 21-Day Body Makeover, is not appropriate for breastfeeding women. It is also not appropriate for people who are taking the blood thinning medication, Coumadin or have recently had an organ transplant.

Our cleanse is not recommended for people who take immune suppressing medications as the immune bolstering effect of our cleanse may interfere with the medications. Our cleanse is also not recommended for people with acute gallstones. However, it is safe to do for people who have had their gall bladder removed. 

There are many medical conditions that could be improved through full body cleansing. Some of these conditions are depression, anxiety, heartburn or reflux. It’s fine to be on antidepressants during our cleanse, and you may even find you need less medication afterwards. 

If you have high blood pressure, our cleanse is safe, as long as you monitor your blood pressure with your doctor. Diabetics are also welcome to do our cleanse as long as they monitor blood sugar with their doctor.

Most people avoid cleansing because they think they will be hungry the whole time. Our full bodcleanse is different because you can eat whole, satisfying foods on it. The 21 Day Body Makeover is not a liquid only or raw food cleanse. You are given recipes and encouraged to eat plenty of veggies, fruit and good quality protein and fats. 

Eating regularly on a cleanse is important for blood sugar balance, good mood and the energy to work, play and exercise. Starving on a cleanse is counterproductive as it will slow your metabolism and throw off your hormones. Under eating or dieting is one of the worst ways to lose weight. The 21 Day Body Makeover is not a diet, but rather an internal makeover for your detox organs.

Weight loss is a natural side effect of our cleanse and happens slowly. When weight loss is too quick, it’s often water weight that returns after the cleanse ends. Slow weight loss is fat weight loss and should be measured not by the scale but by how your pants fit or measurements of inches lost.

The reason that exercise is a crucial part of the 21 Day Body Makeover is it encourages detoxification through the largest detox organ in your body, your skin. Your skin detoxes through sweating, which also decreases the intensity of detox reactions like headaches, fatigue and achy joints.

So now that you have some of the facts, you can decide is a full bodcleanse is for you. Try our cleanse today.
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