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Early warning signs of a heart attack

body 116585 640The leading cause of death in the U.S. is heart attacks and you don’t have to be older to be at risk. People of any age can be afflicted. Heart attacks occur when the blood supply to the heart is blocked.
The three main causes of heart attacks are clogged heart arteries, an unhealthy diet and a stressful lifestyle. The good news is that heart attacks are completely avoidable. And if you’re a heart attack survivor you can make sure it doesn’t happen again.
One of the keys to preventing a heart attack is to recognize the signs of symptoms of an impending attack. If you notice at least 3 of these symptoms in close proximity it may be a sign that you need to decompress stress levels, clean up your diet and seek preventative medical care.
The following five early warning signs are indications that a heart attack may be coming in a few days.
Sign #1: Shortness of breath
There is a strong connection between the lungs and the heart. If there is not enough air in the lungs, there might not be enough blood in the heart.So having breathing difficulties may be an early sign that the heart is also struggling.
Sign #2: Symptoms of cold and flu
Anecdotally there are a great number of people who have claimed they suffered from cold or flu-like symptoms a couple of days before experiencing a heart attack. It is not clear why this happens. And obviously, having a cold or the flu does not mean heart issues will follow.But this symptom, in conjunction with the others is a tell tale sign.
Sign # 3: Chest pressure, discomfort or pain
This is one of the most significant and specific signs.If you experience a feeling of pressure in your chest it may be an issue with blood flow. If you experience this issue it is advised to seek medical attention immediately.
Sign # 4: Dizziness and cold sweats
One of the early warning signs of clogged arteries are cold sweats. When arteries become clogged and blood can no longer easily get to the heart, the body responds by sweating. Cold sweatscome on suddenly and result in cool, damp skin.They are not caused by exercise or overheating. The body sweats to keep its temperature down.
Dizziness is caused by lack of blood flow circulation to the brain.
Sign # 5: Weakness
Weakness is caused by the same thing that causes the symptoms above: lack of blood circulation due to clogged arteries. When the blood can circulate adequately, the muscles don’t get the nutrition they need and tend to waste away. This can lead to a feeling of general weakness. This is different than feeling tired or fatigued because that diminishes with proper rest. If you’re still weak and tired after resting it may be a sign of impending heart issues.
Again, the symptoms above can be caused by many different things, so don’t stress if you have one or two of them. But if you have all or many of these symptoms, in close proximity, then pay attention and go to the doctor to check on your heart. This is a smart precaution you won’t regret. It will save you in recovery time and medical bills. And it may well save your life.
Another way to prevent heart attacks YEARS before, not just days before, they occur is to clean up your diet and detox your organs. The 21 Day Full Body Makeover can help you break your sugar addictions, support your detox organs and help you develop healthier eating habits. A whole food diet that’s healthy for your heart will also support your other organs. This type of self-care is particularly important to adopt if heart attacks run in your family.
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