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Fundamentals of Success


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This episode is a review of past years when making resolutions, as well as a deeper look into ourselves which will help you identify what has held you back from achieving everything you set out to each year.

In this episode we give examples of people who changed their habitual patterns to achieve sustainable success, as well as, the discovery of what it takes to move beyond the fortitude of challenges that arise when making a change to fulfill a desire.

Everyone knows by now, I don't believe in New Year resolutions. More often than not they set us up for failure and a reminder of failure from years past.

  • How many times did you give up on a goal, resolution, vow or promise?  
  • Have you ever been paralyzed by fear of failure?
  • Or fear of not being perfect which prevented you from even trying to reach a goal?

Maybe you bought a fitness program and within days or a few weeks you're experiencing buyers remorse as it collects dust.

A promise, vow or goal is a failure waiting to happen if your history doesn't match your capability, actions and beliefs.

I hope this message helps each of you in some small manner.

If you want to predict your future we must first review our past habits and beliefs.

Thank you for listening.


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