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Flu Myths

thermometer 1539191 640Though I haven’t had the flu for more than a decade, I’ve recently came down with a bad case with fever, chills, aches, congestion, etc. The doctor offered medication to relieve my suffering but I was able to heal in record time without drugs. I’m going to tell you how I did it and bust some flu myths along the way.
Flu myth #1: Reduce the fever with medication
The aches and general misery of the flu come from having a fever. My fever was 101.6 and my doc told me to take 500 mg both of Tylenol and Aleve, staggered around the clock to bring down my fever and let me body heal. I didn’t take her advice because I know, that in some people, these over the counter medications can cause digestive issues by damaging the intestinal lining. Instead of these meds I focused on boosting my immune system, and my fever broke day later.
Fever is the immune response to fighting foreign invaders, like viruses, with heat. If this natural process is interrupted, it may ease some of the symptoms, but will likely stretch out the duration of illness.

For adults and children, a fever under 104 is nothing to worry about. If it gets above that, taking a bath or shower in tepid water (never cold) will help bring down temperature naturally. Anything above 107 is considered dangerous and a doctor should be consulted.
Flu myth #2: Probiotics won’t help with flu
It’s true that flu is viral and not bacterial, however, that doesn’t mean that supporting your immune system won’t speed up recovery. While probiotics won’t fight the flu virus directly, it will support the immune system’s fight, just like vitamin C will do. Anything that supports the immune system, such as Frankincense essential oil, turmeric supplements or medicinal mushroom tea (dried chaga or reishi mushroom), will help your body fight it off.

Flu myth #3: Feed a cold and starve a fever
You need energy to fight off the flu. While I wasn’t hungry while sick, I drank most of my calories in the form of bone broth soups, with lots of coconut oil for it’s anti viral properties. I also drank lots of tea with honey and lemon or honey and almond milk and water with cranberry juice (vitamin C).

When you have the flu, you should drink as much liquids as you possibly can, up to about 2 to 3 liters a day. This helps flush the body of toxins as well as prevent dehydration from fever. Homemade bone broth is one of the best things you can have while battling illness as it provides healthy fat, amino acids and lots of minerals. And it boosts the immune system. You can add collagen powder to the broth to increase its protein content. You can also add sliced veggies or protein to the broth and stew them, for extra vitamins, protein and carbs. This is easy fuel for your body because it won’t spend too much energy digesting it.

Flu myth #4: The flu shot is the only thing that will prevent the flu
Getting the flu shot is a personal decision, but I don’t do it because I focus instead in building up my immune system. The flu shot only protects against certain strains of flu, while your immune system protects against everything.

One of the best ways to build up immunity and protect against flu is elderberry. You can buy dried elderberries and make your own tea or get elderberry tinctures at the store. Elderberry is highly antiviral. I took elderberry capsules during the day (4 in total) and a night-time elderberry syrup to help me sleep. I also made myself calendula tea to sip during the day because calendula is also highly anti viral and anti-inflammatory. It also supports your liver.

The best prescription for flu is rest and fluids. But you can try the tips I used above or these additional ones for extra help:
  • Dandelion tea supports the liver
  • A splash of apple cider vinegar in warm water with a touch of honey
  • A drop of lemon essential oil in your water
  • Sauerkraut juice for natural probiotics
  • Eating roasted garlic for antibacterial properties
  • Keeping a positive frame of mind.

The last tip is very important as the faster you think you’ll heal, the faster you do! A typical flu last anywhere from 5 to 14 days. I was able to kick my flu in 4 days.
Prevention is the best treatment for the flu. The best defense is building up your immune system during the winter and year. One of the best ways to care for your immune system is to do a detox or two each year. The 21-Day Body Makeover is the perfect, gentle detox to support your immune system and important organs like the liver and adrenals. It will also help clean up eating habits, because refined sugar consumption notoriously suppresses immunity.
When you first feel you’re coming down with something, that’s the best time to rest, take herbs and drink liquids as you body has the best chance to fight it off before the virus takes hold. And if you do get sick just use the tricks above to get better faster.
This article is written and provided by Angela Privin is a digestive health coach who uses natural methods to help people heal their digestion.
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