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Fitbit Fails


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In this episode famous nutrition and exercise doctor, Dr Tim Church Tina Bernet and I discuss how modern technology has provided convenient and efficient tools for us to use to measure exercise and motivate us. 

Millions of people buy infomercial exercise equipment and eating programs because they believe they're going to look like the person on T.V. They also feel entitled to have their desired body while disregarding all of the consistent hard work that goes into transforming thoughts and behaviors to realize the outcome they desire. 

new norm isn't created because you purchased an exercise device, or diet program. A new norm is created through repetition and use of tools designed to move you in the direction you want to go…in any facet of your life.

How does a company like Fitbit motivate owners of the device to actually use it, and to do so with consistency?

What changes did they make to motivate people?

A UK, Australian and  U.S. survey shows an estimated 30% of Fitbit owners do not use them.

The show took some turns we didn’t expect but it was all salient commentary to guide you in the right direction for the change you seek. We recognized the importance of individuality and case-by-case scenarios rather than a blanket statement of what people “Should” do to affect change.

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