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Sleeping in the cold balances blood sugar?

thermometer 1176354 640You may have read advice about getting better sleep. It’s often recommended to sleep in a cool and dark room. But did you know that sleeping in a cool room will do more than just help you fall asleep faster and sleep better?

Scientific research has found that sleeping in a cool room has many beneficial effects on the body. The ideal temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

If that seems too cold start with a few extra blankets at first. Your body will eventually adjust and you can remove blankets as it does.

Perhaps the health benefits of sleeping in cooler temps will inspire you.

The number one benefit is pretty big. According to a recent study, it will help reduce the risks of developing metabolic diseases or conditions, such as diabetes.

The study compared the blood sugar, insulin levels and calorie burning of two groups of test subjects, one group sleeping at 75 degrees and the other at 66 degrees.

After 4 months the study concluded that the 66 degree group experienced metabolic advantages. More specifically the amount of brown fat, also known as good fat, almost doubled. Another bonus is that cold sleepers also burned more calories throughout the day.

Having more brown fat and a faster metabolism can lower chances of developing diabetes and other metabolic issues.

On the other hand, sleeping in a room that’s hotter than 70 degree will inhibit the body from cooling down naturally and that can decrease the release of melatonin, the body’s natural anti-aging hormone. It can also decrease the levels of growth hormone produced, another major anti-aging hormone. Lastly, cooler body temperatures during sleep, are associated with lowering cortisol production at night. Cortisol is a major stress hormone that’s associated with stress and weight gain. Lower cortisol can help decrease appetite and feelings of anxiety.

As you can see, a cooler sleeping temperature will encourage the body to regulate hormones that influence hunger and stress, as well weight gain and aging.

The case for monitoring the temperature of your bedroom is compelling, as sleeping in a room that’s not too hot or too cold will also improve sleep quality.

Another great way to make sure your body properly cools down during sleep is to sleep naked, making it easier to regulate optimal temperature.

Sleeping naked with a partner is even better. Research shows that naked co-sleeping can improve sexual relationships, as well as release a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin improves both physical and emotional health, by combating stress and depression as well as lowering blood pressure.

The idea behind using cold to improve health has been taking off lately. A new cold therapy, called Cryo therapy, cools body temperature down for 2 to 3 minutes max in a nitrogen cold chamber that’s 76 degrees below Fahrenheit. While this treatment is not for everyone, it’s been growing in popularity for it’s effectiveness in speeding recovery from injuries, reducing pain, boosting metabolism and improving sleep.

Ice baths are another form of cold therapy.

The concept behind this treatment is that intense cold stresses the body and prompts a circulation response as the blood pools to protect vital organs. This survival response stresses the body just enough to prompt a healthy recovery by maintaining a healthy core temperature.

While the benefits of this intense cold therapy are promising, it’s easier to boost health by sleeping in a cooled down room.

The 21-Day Body Makeover provides additional support for boosting metabolism and improving sleep quality through its program of detoxifying herbs, a blood sugar balancing diet and heart-healthy exercise program.


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