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We have a brand new nutritionally perfected formula! It’s designed as a full body cleanse and fat loss system to aid your organs and glands to work at their optimal levels by enhancing their performance without stimulating them more than they already with our busy lifestyle. We only use professional grade supplements. No chemicals, GMO free and nutrients your body will identify and utilize. Not discard like all other supplements.

Upgrade to our foundational and fat loss series of exercise videos and you’ll have THE most effective exercises routine on the market. 99% of all personal trainers are not aware of this type of training and I taught it for fifteen years. Burn the most amount of fat in the shortest period of time with the exercise routine I used when I trained Michael Dell, Mark Cuban, Dennis Rodman and Dick Smothers.

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Benefits of Alfalfa

The roots of the alfalfa plant (Medicago sativa) shoot down up to 30 feet into the ground, digging up minerals that are not found on the surface. For this reason, the Arabic word Alfalfa means “father of all foods.”

Alfalfa is loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients including:

  • Vitamin A: This vitamin supports night vision, builds up resistance to infections, promotes growth and is important for healthy skin. It is essential during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 helps with digestion, protein and fat metabolism and promotes nerve and skin health. It also helps reduce nausea.
  • Vitamin K: This vitamin is necessary for blood clotting and is important to optimal liver function. It may even contribute to vitality and longevity.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is necessary in order to regulate calcium and phosphorus in the body, and helps to form strong teeth and bones.
  • Calcium: Calcium builds strong bones and teeth, assists in blood clotting, helps with endurance, relaxes nerves and regulates heart rhythm.Fact: Alfalfa is also high in protein and contains 18.9% compared to beef, which contains 16.5%, eggs 13% and milk 3.3%

Review of Recent Literature

A review of recent literature regarding the efficacy of alfalfa to treat a number of conditions has turned up favorable results. Some of the noted medicinal qualities are:

  • Blood and liver purification
  • Reducing arthritis pain
  • Alkalizing the body
  • Promoting healthy digestion and elimination


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When is the best time to cleanse your body?

When is the best time to cleanse your body?

How have you been feeling lately? If you are suffering from problems, such as, fatigue, brain fog, irritability and restless sleep, you certainly are not alone. The fact of the matter is that millions of people across the country and around the world are suffering from the similar problems. You might be surprised to learn that those problems are actually a symptom of a greater difficulty that is causing issues in chronic proportions. The problem is toxicity, and it is something that is affecting every cell in our body, from the brain to the liver and even our fat cells.

There is no question that we live in a toxic environment. Pollution is pervasive and it affects the air that we breathe, the water that we drink and even the soil where we grow our food. Of course, the toxicity is not only limited to those major contributors but it also affects us because of poor choices that we make in life, such as eating junk food or sugary snacks, smoking cigarettes and even in the household products that we use. It is little wonder, therefore, that we are suffering from so many difficulties but it does not need to remain that way.

Is Fighting Toxicity an Uphill Battle?

It is impossible to avoid all of the toxicity of the world around us, regardless of whether we are outdoors, or even if we are in our home. What we can do, however, is to regularly cleanse the body, which will remove the toxins from it and allow us to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. More than likely, you are wondering if there is a best time to cleanse the body, and that is what we're going to look into in this article.

First of all, you need to recognize that the toxicity in your body is affecting you in a very negative way. Some of the primary symptoms of toxins in the body include fatigue, cravings and brain fog. When toxins enter into the body, they affect every cell and every organ within it, including the brain and the liver. There is something even more sinister, however, that is affecting many people and it is a major contributor to the epidemic of obesity that is sweeping the nation and the world.

What many people don't realize is that toxins are stored in the fat cells of the body. This is a natural process and it is due to toxic overload, and our body's inability to deal effectively with the toxins that exist in the environment around us when we are living a "normal life". In an effort to keep the toxins that are in our fat cells from affecting us negatively, the body will produce additional fat cells, which dilutes the toxins but has serious health repercussions for us.

When Is the Best Time to Cleanse the Body?

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you already recognize the fact that you are dealing with toxicity and that something needs to be done about it. This puts you in line for success and, by using our 21 day body makeover and detoxification program, you can really see the differences that you desire. There is no time like the present and, as the saying goes, you should strike while the iron is hot.

It is even more important for you to cleanse the body if you are in a situation that puts you in peril because of extreme toxicity. These situations include living in a crowded city, making poor food choices or using chronic prescription and nonprescription medication. If you are carrying around some extra fat on the body, typically in the midsection, it is also a sign that you are a toxic environment on the inside and you need cleansing.

The 21 day body makeover plan is more than a simplistic cleansing routine, such as those you see on the market that will only cleanse the liver, the colon or other, specific body parts. It works with the entire body, helping it remove the toxins from it and giving you the level of health that you desire. Like many people who have used this program before you, you will likely experience effortless weight loss, quality sleep and extra energy that will last all day long. Call us today for more information about how our cleansing program can help you now.

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